Some odd facts from this month in the past



50 YEARS AGO - Feb 1959

The Day The Music Died - The Holly, Valens & Big Bopper crash

Berry Gordy's first Songwriters Award for 'To Be Loved'

Ray Charles recorded 'What'd I Say'

Hank Ballard released his original version of 'The Twist'

There were three British records in the US Top 20 (all instrumentals)

Neil Sedaka's first US hit, 'The Diary', peaks in the Top 20

James Brown's first US Pop hit, 'Try Me', peaks in the Top 50

Louis Armstrong & His Band toured the UK

Max Bygraves on Perry Como's TV show

Engelbert Humperdinck's first release (as Gerry Dorsey) 'Crazy Bells'

Cliff Richard recorded his first album

Billy Fury released his first single 'Maybe Tomorrow'

'Sing Little Birdie' was the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry


100 YEARS AGO - Feb 1909

'Shine On Harvest Moon' tops the US chart

Carmen Miranda born

Geronimo died


200 YEARS AGO - Feb 1809

Abraham Lincoln born

Mendelsohn born