Every gold and Silver disc awarded in Britian in the 1950s & 1960s, and The first ever Record Chart from 1935 and first All British Chart from 1954











FOR THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE - The full listing of every Silver and Gold Disc winner in the UK before the first "official" awards were presented by the British Phonographic Industry in the early 70s. Yet again we have to thank 50s & 60s expert Alan Smith for researching and compiling this list.



In 1959 the year old (It commenced in February 1958) music paper Disc instigated a scheme to award specially made silver discs to those records that sold over 250.000 units in the United Kingdom. Editor Gerald Marks set about contacting as many record companies as possible to try to persuade them to join up to the idea by contacting Disc with sales data on successful records passing the quarter of a million sales mark.

 It was also decided that in the extremely rare occasion when a record passed one million sales (1.000.000) that specially made gold discs would be presented! Up to 1959 only three records were known to have passed the magic million number; these were "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley, "Mary's Boy Child" by Harry Belafonte and "Diana" by Paul Anka. Cliff Richard's `Living Doll` by October 1959, would be the fourth and final million seller of the 1950s.

 The Silver disc award was thought to be a pretty rare occasion as only long running number 1 records would possibly qualify.

 Extended play discs (EPs) were also awarded silver discs when sales were high enough; especially in 1964-5. Just the Beatles and Rolling Stones qualified due to both group's high popularity and heavy EP sales.

 Only one Long Player (LP) publicly received a silver disc by the paper. This was awarded on 17 February 1962 to Elvis Presley's `GI Blues`. It is still not known why no more formal announcements of silver disc LP awards was not made by the paper. Silver disc awards to LPs `did` continue though. Proof of this is the Beatles receiving such an award for their `With The Beatles` by their producer George Martin on Thank Your Lucky Stars `Merseybeat` special in December 1963.

 It is not known whether the awards were backdated as there are no records are kept by Disc to confirm this. It is unfortunate for Elvis Presley as he would have surely qualified for silver discs if back dating were allowed.

 The system relied on the willingness of Record companies forwarding the correct sales figures for the awards to be made. This system as it turned out, would lead to quite a few errors in the scheme. Sometimes Record Companies would be late with their data; R.C.A records often left it more than three months after Elvis Presley records had qualified, before informing Disc.

 Only a few Record companies joined in the system in 1959 so data is sketchy especially as notification would be made after the record had dropped from the charts. Some awards were erroneous due to companies providing figures shipped to shops rather that over the counter sales.

 The best example is the Archies "Sugar Sugar". In January 1970 both Disc and Music Echo and Record Retailer published the news along with a photo of Archies producer Don Kirshner being awarded a gold disc by Disc editor David Hughes. It later transpired that "Sugar Sugar" had only sold just over 945.000 copies; the million figure as given was due to RCA records sending just over 1.000.000 units to retailers which not quite all were sold.

 This is a problem that has bedevilled the RAAA awards in the United States of America. In theory in the states a record can win Gold or Platinum status solely on units shipped to retailers. If all were returned unsold the award would still stand.

 The system was very much on trust and the diligence of Record companies tallying sales figures correctly. Sadly many did not even bother to submit sales data and many hit record which fans were certain should have qualified never got the award.

 With gold record awards Disc did not seem to make clear when Gold records were awarded. The silver awards were duly publicised, but when a record went gold as well as silver it was not so well documented. For accuracy sake just the dates of silver awards are given. However, where it is known a record did sell over one million copies a capital G (Bold) mark will be assigned against the title.

 There is no certainty of full accuracy as Disc sometimes gave erroneous information. In September 1970 both sides of Stevie Wonders "I Don't Know why / My Cherie Amour" were awarded separate silver discs. "I Don't Know why" fared poorly on release, and only when `B` side "My Cherie Amour" was promoted, did the record sell well. It is one of the obvious errors made by the paper.

 By 1973 the British Phonographic Industry decided to set up an `official` awards. The BPI insisted on Record Companies giving rather more accurate data for this new scheme and that sales were properly audited. It was decided to mark sales of 500.000 with some type of award too. The BPI would now give a silver disc for 250.000 sales (no change there!) and to award gold for 500.000 sales. The one million sales would now be awarded the new platinum disc award. The first recipient of a Platinum disc was Gary Glitter for his million plus seller "I Love, You Love, Me Love" in late November 1973.

 Disc and Music Echo did try to carry on their own awards through 1973, but it was made redundant by the new BPI awards which virtually every record company signed up to. Discs award scheme had never been universally accepted and sadly was error strewn, but it was a superb innovation for its time until a better and more accurate system evolved.




                   Early silver disc winner Craig Douglas




Date.        Title       (Artist).         Record Label.

9 May -   'Side Saddle' (Russ Conway) Columbia


23 May - 'A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight' (Elvis Presley) RCA

            'It Doesn't Matter Any More' (Buddy Holly) Coral


18 Jul - 'A Teenager In Love' (Marty Wilde) Phillips

            'Roulette' (Russ Conway) Columbia


8 Aug - 'Dream Lover' (Bobby Darin) London


15 Aug - 'Living Doll'(Cliff Richard) Columbia


3 Oct -  'Only Sixteen' (Craig Douglas) Top Rank


24 Oct - 'Here Comes Summer' (Jerry Keller) London

            'Mack The Knife' (Bobby Darin) London


21 Nov - 'Travellin' Light' (Cliff Richard) Columbia



26 Dec - 'What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For'          (Emile Ford) Pye Nixa




16 Jan - 'What Do You Want' (Adam Faith) Parlophone


30 Jan - 'Put Your Head On My Shoulder' (Paul Anka) Columbia

           'Little White Bull' (Tommy Steele) Decca

           'Snow Coach' (Russ Conway) Columbia


13 Feb - 'Starry Eyed' (Michael Holliday) Columbia

            'Why' (Anthony Newley) Decca

            'Seven Little Girls' (Avons) Columbia


20 Feb - 'A Voice In The Wilderness' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


27 Feb - 'Rawhide' (Frankie Laine) Phillips

           'Heartaches By the Number' (Guy Mitchell) Phillips

           'Sea Of Love' (Marty Wilde) Phillips

               'Bad Boy' (Marty Wilde) Phillips


12 Mar - 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans' (Freddy Cannon) Top Rank


26 Mar - 'Poor Me' (Adam Faith) Parlophone


7 May - 'Fall In Love with You' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


21 May - 'Cathy's Clown' (Everly Brothers) Warner Brothers


11 Jun - 'Do You Mind' (Anthony Newley) Decca


25 Jun - 'Handy Man' (Jimmy Jones) M.G.M


13 Aug - 'Please Don't Tease' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


3 Sep - 'Apache' (G) (Shadows) Columbia


10 Sep - 'A Mess Of Blues' (Elvis Presley) R.C.A


24 Sep - 'Because They're Young' (Duane Eddy) London


8 Oct - 'Theme From A Summer Place' (Percy Faith) Phillips


15 Oct - 'Good Timin' '(Jimmy Jones) M.G.M

           'Tell Laura I Love Her' (Ricky Valance) Columbia


22 Oct - 'Nine Times Out of Ten' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


29 Oct - 'It's Now or Never' (G) (Elvis Presley) R.C.A


5 Nov - 'As Long as he Needs Me' (Shirley Bassey) Columbia


26 Nov - 'My Old Man's A Dustman' (Lonnie Donegan) Pye Nixa


17 Dec -  'He'll Have To Go' (Jim Reeves) R.C.A


24 Dec -  'Rocking Goose' (Johnny and the Hurricanes) London

            'Save the Last Dance For Me' (Drifters) London

            'I Love You' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


31 Dec - 'Little Donkey' (Nina and Frederick) Columbia

            'Only The Lonely' (Roy Orbison) London



* Note! In Jan 1961 Russ Conway received a special silver disc

  for LP sales. This is thought to be the only incident of this  happening.


7 Jan       'Strawberry Fair' (Anthony Newley) Decca

               'Poetry In Motion' (Johnny Tillotsen) London


14 Jan    'Lonely Pup' (Adam Faith) Parlophone

              'Goodness Gracious Me' (Peter Sellers and Sophie Loren)


              'My Heart Has A Mind of Its Own' (Connie Francis) M.G.M


21 Jan   'Man of Mystery' (Shadows) Columbia


11 Feb   'Sailor' (Petula Clark) Pye


18 Feb   'Are You Sure' (Allisons) Fontana

             'Walk Right Back' (Everly Brothers) Warner Brothers


8 Apr    'Theme For A Dream' (Cliff Richard)


29 Apr 'F.B.I' (Shadows) Columbia


24 Jun 'Runaway' (Del Shannon) London


5 Aug   'But I Do' (Clarence `Frogman` Henry) Pye


19 Aug 'Halfway To Paradise' (Billy Fury) Decca


26 Aug 'You Don't Know' (Helen Shapiro) Columbia


2 Sep    'Johnny Remember Me' (John Layton) Top Rank


9 Sep    'Well I Ask You' (Eden Kane) Decca


28 Oct 'Wild Wind' (John Layton) Top Rank


4 Nov    'Walkin' Back To Happiness' (Helen Shapiro) Columbia


11 Nov    'When the Girl in Your Arms, Is the Girl in Your Heart'

                 (Cliff Richard) Columbia


18 Nov   'A Scottish Soldier' (Andy Stewart) Top Rank

              'Reach For the Stars / Climb Every Mountain' 

                    (Shirley Bassey) Columbia



16 Dec   'Big Bad John' (Jimmy Dean) Phillips

             'Tower of Strength' (Frankie Vaughn) Phillips


23 Dec   'Moon River' (Danny Williams) H.M.V

              'Take Good Care Of My Baby' (Bobby Vee) London


30 Dec 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' (Elvis Presley) R.C.A

             'Wooden Heart' (Elvis Presley) R.C.A

             'Surrender' (Elvis Presley) R.C.A

             'Wild In The Country' (Elvis Presley) R.C.A

             '(Marie's the Name of) His Latest Flame' (Elvis Presley) R.C.A

             'The Time Has Come' (Adam Faith) Parlophone




6 Jan    'Midnight In Moscow' (Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen) Pye

              'Johnny Will' (Pat Boone) London


13 Jan   'Stranger On The Shore' (G) (Mr Acker Bilk) Columbia

             'The Young Ones' (G) (Cliff Richard) Columbia


20 Jan 'Let There Be Drums' (Sandy Nelson) London


27 Jan 'I'd Never Find Another You' (Billy Fury) Decca


17 Feb 'Rocka - Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love' (Elvis Presley) RCA

            'GI Blues' (LP) (Elvis Presley) RCA * Note! This is the only recorded instance of Disc awarding an LP a silver disc. Why no more were officially notified is not known. The paper certainly did award silver (and one gold) discs to the Beatles for their LPs but no actual dates of notification were published by Disc.


24 Feb 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen' (Neil Sedaka) RCA

             'Let's Twist Again' (Chubby Checker) Columbia


31 Mar 'Wonderful Land' (Shadows) Columbia


7 Apr    'Walk On By' (Leroy Van Dyke)


21 Apr 'Tell Me what He Said' (Helen Shapiro) Columbia


5 May    'March Of The Siamese Children' (Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen) Pye


19 May  'I'm Looking Out The Window / Do You Wanna Dance' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


9 Jun    'Good Luck Charm' (Elvis Presley) RCA


14 Jul   'Come Outside' (Mike Sarne) Parlophone

                               'A Picture Of You' (Joe Brown) Piccadilly


28 Jul  'I Can't Stop Loving You' (Ray Charles) HMV

                               'I Remember You' (G) (Frank Ifield) Columbia


11 Aug 'Speedy Gonzales' (Pat Boone) London


15 Sep 'Roses Are Red' (Ronnie Carroll) Phillipps


22 Sep 'Things' (Bobby Darin) London)

              'Guitar Tango' (Shadows) Columbia


13 Oct 'Telstar' (Tornadoes) Decca


3 Nov   'Lovesick Blues' (Frank Ifield) Columbia

            'It'll Be Me' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

           'The Locomotion' (Little Eva) London


22 DeC 'Bobby's Girl' (Susan Maughn) Phillips

            'She's Not You' (Elvis Presley) RCA

            'Return To Sender' (Elvis Presley) RCA

            'Dance On' (Shadows) Columbia

            'The Next Time / Bachelor Boy' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

            'Venus In Blue Jeans' (Mark Wynter) Pye





5 Jan 'Dance With The Guitar Man' (Duane Eddy) RCA

           'Sheila' (Tommy Roe) HMV


2 Feb 'The Wayward Wind' (Frank Ifield) Columbia

            'Diamonds' (Jet Harris And Tony Meehan) Decca


9 Mar 'Summer Holiday' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


6 Apr  'Let's Dance' (Chris Montez) London


13 Apr 'Please Please Me' (Beatles)


27 Apr 'From A Jack To A King' (Ned Miller) London

             'Foot Tapper' (Shadows) Columbia

             'How Do You Do It' (Gerry And The Pacemakers) Columbia


4 May  'From Me To You' (Beatles) Parlophone


15 Jun 'Nobody's Darlin' But Mine' (Frank Ifield) Columbia


6 Jul     'I Like It' (Gerry And The Pacemakers)


13 Jul    'Ramblin' Rose' (Nat King Cole) Columbia

               'Deck Of Cards' (Wink Martindale) Decca


3 Aug     'I'm Confessing' (Frank Ifield) Columbia

               'Devil In Disguise' (Elvis Presley) RCA

               'In Dreams' (Roy Orbison) London


10 Aug   'Atlantis' (Shadows) Columbia


17 Aug   'Take These Chains From My Heart' (Ray Charles) HMV


24 Aug   'That's What Love Will Do' (Joe Brown) Piccadilly

               'Sweets For My Sweet' (Searchers) Pye

               'Twist And Shout' EP (Beatles) Parlophone


31 Aug   'Bad To Me' (Billy J Kramer And The Dakotas) Parlophone


7 Sep     'She Loves You' (G) (Beatles) Parlophone


14 Sep  'Lucky Lips' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

              'The Frightened City' (Shadows) Columbia


19 Oct 'Do You Love Me' (Brian Poole And The Tremeloes) Decca


26 Oct 'You'll Never Walk Alone' (Gerry And The Pacemakers) Columbia

              'It's All In The Game' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


9 Nov    'Then He Kissed Me' (Crystals) London


23 Nov   'Blue Bayou' (Roy Orbison) London


7 Dece    'I Want To Hold Your Hand' (G) (Beatles) Parlophone


14 Dec    'Don't Talk To Him' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

                'The Beatles Hits' EP (Beatles) Parlophone

                'You Were Made For Me' (Freddie And The Dreamers) Columbia

                 'I, Who Have Nothing' (Shirley Bassey) Columbia


21 Dec    'Glad All Over' (Dave Clark Five) Columbia





4 Jan    'Dominique' (Singing Nun) Phillips

             'Maria Elena' (Los Indios Tabajaros) RCA

             'I Only Want To Be With You' (Dusty Springfield) Phillips

            'Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa' (Gene Pitney) United Artists


11 Jan    'Hippy Hippy Shake' (Swinging Blue Jeans) HMV

               'Sugar And Spice' (Searchers) Pye


15 Jan   'Diane' (Bachelors) Decca

              'Anyone Who Had A Heart' (Cilla Black) Parlophone


22 Feb   'Needles And Pins' (Searchers) Pye


29 Feb 'Bits And Pieces' (Dave Clark Five) Columbia


7 Mar 'I'm The One' (Gerry And The Pacemakers) Columbia


14 Mar 'I Think Of You' (Merseybeats) Fontana

              'Little Children' (Billy J Kramer And The Dakotas) Parlophone


21 Mar 'All My Loving' EP (Beatles) Parlophone

               'Not Fade Away' (Rolling Stones) Decca

               'Can't Buy Me Love' (G) (Beatles) Parlophone


28 Mar 'Just One Look' (Hollies) Parlophone

              'Can't Buy Me Love' (G) (Beatles) Parlophone


4 Apr   'I Love You Because' (Jim Reeves) RCA


11 Apr  'I Believe' (Bachelors) Decca

             'A World Without Love' (Peter And Gordon) Columbia


18 Apr 'Don't Throw Your Love Away' (Searchers) Pye


2 May   'My Boy Lollipop' (Millie) Fontana


23 May   'Juliet' (Four Pennies) Phillips

               'You're My World' (Cilla Black) Parlophone


6 Jun    'It's Over' (Roy Orbison) London


4 Jul   'House Of The Rising Sun' (Animals) Columbia

           'Someone, Someone' (Brian Poole And The Tremeloes) Decca


11 Jul 'It's All Over Now' (Rolling Stones) Decca


18 Jul 'A Hard Days Night' (Beatles) Parlophone


25 Jul 'Hold Me' (P.J Proby) Decca


1 Aug 'Do Wah Diddy, Diddy' (Manfred Mann) HMV


8 Aug 'I Won't Forget You' (Jim Reeves) RCA


15 Aug 'Call Up The Groups' (Barron Knights) Columbia


29 Aug 'Have I The Right' (Honeycombs) Pye

             'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself' (Dusty Springfield) Phillips


12 Sep 'Five By Five' EP (Rolling Stones) Decca


19 Sep   'I Wouldn't Trade You For The World' (Bachelors) Decca


3 Oct  'I'm Into Something Good' (Hermans Hermits) Columbia


10 Oct 'You Really Got Me' (Kinks)

            'The Wedding' (Julie Rogers) Mercury

            'Oh Pretty Woman' (Roy Orbison) London

            'Rag Doll' (Four Seasons) Phillips

            'Where Did Our Love Go' (Supremes) Stateside


24 Oct 'There's Always Something There To Remind Me' (Sandie Shaw) Pye


21 Nov 'All Day And All Of The Night' (Kinks) Pye


5 Dec 'Baby Love' (Supremes) Stateside

           'I Feel Fine' (G) (Beatles) Parlophone


12 Dec  'I'm Gonna Be Strong' (Gene Pitney) United Artists

             'Little Red Rooster' (Rolling Stones) Decca


19 Dec   'Walk Away' (Matt Monro) Parlophone

             'There's A Heartache Following Me' (Jim Reeves)

             'When You Walk In The Room' (Searchers) Pye

             'Walk Tall' (Val Doonican) Decca

             'Downtown' (Petula Clark) Pye


26 Dec 'No Arms Can Ever Hold You' (Bachelors) Decca

              'Somewhere' (P.J Proby) Decca

              'I Understand' (Freddie And The Dreamers) Columbia






2 Jan       'Yeh Yeh' (Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames) Columbia

                'Girl Don't Come' (Sandie Shaw) Pye

                'Pretty Paper' (Roy Orbison) London


9 Jan      'Terry' (Twinkle) Decca

               'I Could Easily Fall' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


23 Jan   'Go Now' (Moody Blues) Decca


6 Feb     'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling' (Righteous Brothers) London

              'Tired Of Waiting For You' (Kinks) Pye

              'Cast Your Fate To The Wind' (Sounds Orchestral) Piccadilly


13 Feb 'Long Tall Sally' EP (Beatles) Parlophone


27 Feb 'I'll Never Find Another You' (Seekers) Columbia


6 Mar 'It's Not Unusual' (Tom Jones) Decca


20 Mar 'The Last Time' (Rolling Stones) Decca


27 Mar 'Silhouettes' (Hermans Hermits) Columbia


1 May  'Ticket To Ride' (Beatles) Parlophone

              'The Minute You're Gone' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


8 May  'Pop Go The Workers' (Barron Knights) Columbia


5 June   'Catch The Wind' (Donovan) Pye


19 Jun   'He's In Town' (Rocking Berries) Piccadilly

              'A World Of Our Own' (Seekers) Columbia

              'Long Live Love' (Sandie Shaw) Pye


26 Jun 'Crying In The Chapel' (Elvis Presley) RCA


31 July    'Help' (Beatles) Parlophone


7 Aug     'I'm Alive' (Hollies) Parlophone

                'Mr Tambourine Man' (Byrds) CBS


21 Aug  'You've Got Your Troubles' (Fortunes) Decca


28 Aug 'I Got You Babe' (Sonny And Cher) Atlantic


4 Sep    'Tossing And Turning' (Ivy League) Piccadilly


11 Sep 'Beatles No 1' EP (Beatles) Parlophone


25 Sep 'I Can't Get No - Satisfaction' (Rolling Stones) Decca


9 Oct 'Tears' (G) (Ken Dodd) Columbia


16 Oct 'Make It Easy On Yourself' (Walker Brothers) Phillips

             'A Walk In The Black Forest' (Horst Jankowski) Mercury


13 Nov 'Get Off My Cloud' (Rolling Stones) Decca

             'Yesterday Man' (Chris Andrews) Decca


27 Nov 'The Carnival Is Over' (G) (Seekers) Columbia


4 Dec    'Here It Comes Again' (Fortunes)


11 Dec 'We Can Work It Out / Day Tripper' (G) (Beatles) Parlophone


18 Dec 'Zorba's Dance' (Marcello Minerbi) Durium

             '1, 2, 3' (Len Barry) Brunswick

             'My Generation' (Who) Brunswick

             'Wind Me Up - Let Me Go' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

             'The River' (Ken Dodd) Columbia





15 Jan     'Keep On Running' (Spencer Davis Group) Fontana


22 Jan    'A Girl Like You' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


29 Jan    'My Ship Is Coming In' (Walker Brothers) Phillips


12 Feb    'These Boots Were Made For Walking' (Nancy Sinatra) Reprise


19 Feb    'Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown' (Rolling Stones) Decca

               'You Were On My Mind' (Crispian St Peters) Decca


26 Feb   'Spanish Flea' (Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass) Pye


12 Mar   'Sha La La La Lee' (Small Faces) Decca


19 Mar   'A Groovy Kind Of Love' (Mindbenders) Fontana


9 Apr     'The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Any More' (Walker Brothers) Phillips


23 Apr   'Make The World Go Away' (Eddy Arnold) RCA


7 May   'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' (Dusty Springfield) Phillips


21 May 'Pretty Flamingo' (Manfred Mann) HMV


4 Jun     'Constantly' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

              'Paint It Black' (Rolling Stones) Decca


11 Jun   'Hold Tight' (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Titch) Fontana

              'Daydream' (Lovin' Spoonful) Pye International

              'Strangers In the Night' (Frank Sinatra) Reprise


25 Jun   'Paperback Writer' (Beatles) Parlophone


13 Aug 'Wild Thing' (Troggs) Fontana


27 Aug 'With A Girl Like You' (Troggs) Fontana


3 Sep   'Sunny Afternoon' (Kinks) Pye

            'Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby' (Beatles) Parlophone


8 Oct 'Distant Drums' (Jim Reeves) RCA


12 Nov 'Reach Out - I'll Be There' (Four Tops) Tamla Mowtown


3 Dec 'Good Vibrations' (Beach Boys) Capitol

            'Green, Green Grass Of Home' (G) (Tom Jones)


24 Dec   'On The Beach' (Cliff Richard) Columbia

               'Here It Comes Again' (Fortunes) Decca

               'My Love' (Petula Clark) Pye

               'What Would I Be' (Val Doonican) Decca

                'Morningtown Ride' (Seekers)





7 Jan    'Wheels' (Joe Loss) HMV

             'Sloop John B' (Beach Boys) Capitol

             'Winchester Cathedral' (New Vaudeville Band) Fontana

             'Sunshine Superman' (Donovan) Pye

             'Semi Detached Suburban Mr James' (Manfred Mann) Fontana

             'Bend It' (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Titch) Fontana


14 Jan 'Gimme Some Loving' (Spencer Davis Group) Fontana

              'I'm A Believer' (Monkees) RCA


11 Feb 'Dead End Street' (Kinks) Pye


18 Feb  'This Is My Song' (Petula Clark) Pye


25 Feb 'Lets Spend The Night Together' (Rolling Stones) Decca

                                    'Release Me' (G) (Englebert Humperdink) Decca


4 Mar 'Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane' (Beatles) Parlophone


22 Apr 'Somethin' Stupid' (Frank And Nancy Sinatra) Reprise

             'Puppet On A String' (Sandie Shaw) Pye


13 May 'This Is My Song' (Harry Secombe) Phillips

              'A Little Bi Me, A Little Bit You' (Monkees) RCA


20 May 'I Left My Heart In San Fransisco' (Tony Bennett) CBS


3 Jun    'Silence Is Golden' (Tremeloes) CBS


10 Jun 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' (Procul Harum) Decca


17 Jun 'There Goes My Everything' (Englebert Humperdink) Decca


22 Jul   'All You Need Is Love' (Beatles) Parlophone


12 Aug 'San Francisco' (Scott McKenzie) CBS


2 Sept   'Just Loving You' (Anita Harris) CBS


9 Sep   'I'll Never Fall In Love Again' (Tom Jones) Decca

            'The Last Waltz' (G) (Englebert Humperdink) Decca


21 Oct  'Massachusetts' (Bee Gees) Polydor


25 Nov 'Hole In My Shoe' (Traffic) Island

              'Baby, Now That I've Found You' (Foundations) Pye


2 Dec    'Hello Goodbye' (Beatles) Parlophone


16 Dec 'Let The Heartaches Begin' (Long John Baldry) Pye


23 Dec    'There Must Be A Way' (Frankie Vaughn) Columbia

                'Magical Mystery Tour' EP (Beatles) Parlophone


30 Dec    'If The Whole World Stopped Loving' (Val Doonican) Pye

                'Everybody Knows' (Dave Clark Five) Columbia




6 Jan         'Careless Hands' (Des O` Connor) Columbia

                  'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart' (Gene Pitney) United Artists


13 Jan      'I'm Coming Home' (Tom Jones) Decca

                 'Daydream Believer' (Monkees) RCA


20 Jan     'The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde' (Georgie Fame) CBS


3 Feb       'Am I That Easy To Forget' (Englebert Humperdink) Decca

                'Everlasting Love' (Love Affair) CBS


24 Feb    'She Wears My Ring' (Solomon King) Columbia

                'Judy In Disguise' (John Fred And His Playboy Band) Pye Int.


2 Mar     'Mighty Quinn' (Manfred Mann) Fontana

               'Cinderella Rockafella' (Esther And Abi Ofarim) Phillips


16 Mar 'Legend Of Xanadu' (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Titch) Fontana

              'Delilah' (Tom Jones) Decca


30 Mar 'Lady Madonna' (Beatles) Parlophone


20 Apr   'World' (Bee Gees) Polydor


27 Apr   'What A Wonderful World' (Louis Armstrong) HMV

               'Congratulations' (Cliff Richard) Columbia


18 May 'A Man Without Love' (Englebert Humperdink) Decca

                'Simon Says' (1910 Fruitgum Company) Pye International


25 May 'Young Girl' (Union Gap) CBS


1 Jun     'If I Only Had Time' (John Rowles) MCA


22 Jun 'Honey' (Bobby Goldsboro) United Artists


10 Aug    'Baby Come Back' (Equals) President


24 Aug   'I Pretend' (Des O' Connor) Columbia


7 Sep     'Help Yourself' (Tom Jones) Decca


14 Sep 'Hey Jude' (Beatles) Apple

             'I've Gotta Get A Message To You' (Bee Gees) Polydor

            'Mony, Mony' (Tommy James And The Shondells) Major Minor


5 Oct 'Those Were The Days' (Mary Hopkin) Apple


7 Dec 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly' (Hugo Montenegro) RCA


28 Dec 'Lily The Pink' (Scaffold) Parlophone

             'Build Me Up Buttercup' (Foundations) Pye






11 Jan    'Ain't Got No - I Got Life' (Nina Simone) RCA

               'One, Two, Three O' Leary' (Des O' Connor) Columbia


18 Jan    'Albatross' (Fleetwood Mac) Blue Horizon


1 Feb     'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' (Marmalade) CBS

              'I'm The Urban Spaceman' (Bonzo Dog Band) Liberty


22 Mar 'Where Do You Go To' (Peter Sarstedt) United Artists


26 Apr   'The Israelites' (Desmond Decca) Pyramid


3 May   'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' (Marvin Gaye) Tamla Mowtown

             'Get Back' (Beatles) Apple


7 Jun    'Gentle On My Mind' (Dean Martin) Reprise


14 Jun 'In The Bad, Bad Old Days' (Foundations) Pye


12 Jul   'The Ballad Of John And Yoko' (Beatles) Apple


2 Aug   'Honky Tonk Women' (Rolling Stones) Decca


16 Aug 'Something In The Air' (Thunderclap Newman) Track


13 Sep 'In The Ghetto' (Elvis Presley) RCA


20 Sep 'In The Year 2525' (Zagar And Evans) RCA


25 Oct  'Bad Moon Rising' (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Liberty


6 Dec   'Saved By The Bell' (Robin Gibb) Polydor

             'Don't Forget To Remember' (Bee Gees) Polydor


20 Dec 'Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yester-Day' (Stevie Wonder) Tamla Mowtown

            'Sugar, Sugar' (G*) (Archies) RCA


* Note! Though awarded a gold disc in January 1970 'Sugar Sugar' has never quite reached one million sales in the UK. RCA submitted shipping figures to shops which tallied over one million. It was errors like this which led to the BPI `official` system in late 1973.


27 Dec 'Two Little Boys' (Rolf Harris) Columbia




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